What my clients say

Hi all.
Learn the secrets to my success! The weight loss and muscle toning programs I offer are all based on simple foundations. Having trained for most of my life as an athlete and mentoring many people to get to their dream state, it’s my solid opinion that any fitness goal is founded on four key ingredients, with no one more or less important than the other.
• The right MINDSET
• The right DIET
• The right PROGRAM
• The right COACH as your motivation

Focusing on these points, my online PT programs will help you reach your goal, no matter what it is! Let it be known! I am extremely proud of the great results and milestones my clients have reached with their health and fitness goals!

Below are a number of success stories and testimonials for your perusal. Remember, everyone can look good and feel great! It all comes down to commitment and motivation! No matter your goals, I’ll get you there!



"Paapa Kweku’s approach to his online fitness clients is unlike no other. He consistently monitors your progression as you advance through is program, adapting exercises to your needs. I find that I work that bit harder because I don’t feel stressed or pushed to do that last “push up”, I want to do it! I feel with him, I’ve got a coach and a motivator on my side! At the end of most workouts I feel physically exhausted but accomplished! I highly recommend him as an online personal trainer" - Paul


“I decided to sign up to Paapa’s Online coaching program after a health scare. In short, I was on a fast track to an early death due to my excessive weight. Before deciding whether to subscribe to his services, I had an email conversation with him. I found his approach to my questions to be extremely professional and motivation. That’s what sold me. I didn’t want another day to go by listening to my negative self-talk and struggling with low self-esteem. Not only did my weight dropped during my time with him, my family and friends began to notice a change in my mindset and approach to difficult situations. I found the program to be challenging but most importantly life changing! I highly recommend his services” - Chris


“Paapa stood out to me because of his knowledge, ability to motivate me and his enthusiasm! From the start, he assessed my fitness level before targeting the program towards my needs. Whenever I had a question, he was extremely speedy in his response and ensured all concerns I had were met. Over the period I subscribed to his service, I noticed lots of changes to my mindset and the way I processed things! He has that effect on you! I lost weight, trimmed down and overall feel fantastic – both physically and mentally. I’ve learned about energy in and energy out to be able to make better decisions about what I eat and what I want to achieve.  With his help, you’ll make it!” - Belinda


“Paapa literally changed my life. Before signing up to his online program, my lifestyle and eating habits were simply all over the shop. Through his support, I was able to get my fitness goals on track. I started his program at 86kgs and I’m now 68kgs. Not only is Paapa highly knowledgeable when it comes to exercise and nutrition, his online support is outstanding. I strongly recommend his services” - Samantha


"Paapa has been an outstanding coach! Not only did he custom my exercise program to suit my needs, he also set me realistic calorie targets for my meal plans. I found his approach to be honest, supportive and non-judgemental which is a big thing for me. My weight dropped from 76 to 61kgs. If you’ve struggled with weight loss in the past to no avail, Paapa is your man. He gets results!" – Kim


“Until 5 years ago, fitness had always been a large part of my life. When I starting working in a mainly sedentary occupation located over an hour away from my house, I found it was difficult to fit in time for exercise. Before I realised, I’d gained weight and was unhappy with myself. I saw one of his posts on Facebook and decided enough was enough! It was time to make a change. I signed up and have never looked back. What I love about his approach is that he actually motivated me to push beyond perceived limits. Not only did my fitness improve, but my confidence in my potential and myself has also increased. The biggest thing Paapa did for me was he made me accountable.. It goes without saying that I would recommend Paapa for those who train every day, to those who are just getting started” - Evan