Online coaching with Paapa

You know the body you've always wanted but have struggled to make it a reality? What you need is a fitness coach to guide you through your journey! As part of this 8 week program, I will be your educator, coach, mentor and, of most importantly, your motivator!  My online personal training service will provide you with the following and more!

  • A detailed fitness assessment outlining your journey ahead
  • A tailored training program SPECIFIC to your fitness level and goals
  • Custom meal plans tailored to your fitness goals and dietary tastes
  • Specific calorie recommendations to shed fat and tone up
  • Nutrient supplementation advice for effective training and recovery
  • 24/7 exercise and diet email support online
  • Weekly inspirational emails to motivate you towards your dream state
  • Modifications to your program as needed, tailored to your specific needs
  • A bonus 8 week program guide to keep you driven
  • Advise on how to MAINTAIN your dream state
Why wait? the time for change is NOW! Sign up today!!

    ““Over the years, it became clear that what I lacked with regards to my health and fitness goals was simply accountability. This is what made me sign up to Paapa’s coaching program. I've had coaching in the past, but no one has been as attentive towards my needs as Paapa has. His approach to his clients is like no other and he consistently monitored my progression, adapting my program to my work and family needs. His dietary suggestions really assisted me as I often struggled with regards to the right foods to consume at the right times. Through his assistance, I was tone up, just in time for my wedding! I highly recommend Paapa for anyone who is looking for a positive lifestyle transformation with regards to their fitness journey.”

    - Tracy