Run your race

Got a running goal? Do you have a set time frame? Ready to break through perceived barriers?  My ‘run your race’ program is for you! As a former state sprinter with years of training experience, your program will be designed with three essential principles; structured training, bench mark targets and goal setting. My run your race coaching options will take your running to the next level!


  • A fitness assessment of your current health and lifestyle
  • A detailed questionnaire to ensure we hit your goals right
  • 6, 10, and 12 week training options, customised on distance & fitness levels
  • A customised running program SPECIFIC to your goal
  • Tips on the cleanest foods to consume for each meal
  • Supplementation advice for effective training and recovery
  • Pre, Race day and post-race advise and tips
  • Regular access to my personal training tips to ensure you stay on track

Your customised running program is designed to ensure you not only reach your goal, but smash all expectations. Simply let me know the distance you want to accomplish, your set time frame and your current fitness level! I’ll customise a plan specific to your needs. Your breakthrough starts today!

Note: Do you require an online exercise and diet tracking with 24/7 email support with your program? if so my ONLINE coaching option is for you!


“The best thing about Paapa’s running program is his online coaching, guidance and support. With his assistance, I completed my first 10km run in 12 weeks! To say my family was surprised that I completed it was an understatement! With his help, I was able to put forward my best possible physical and mental condition for my race whilst balancing work and family commitments. His email feedback on how my training was tracking was always positive, even on the days where I didn't feel my best and this helped to increase my confidence. I highly recommend his services.”

- Ron