8 Week Trim

Ladies! Are you sick and tired of setbacks? Do you a custom designed program to FINALLY achieve your dream body? If so, my 8 week trimming program is for you! Tailored to YOUR body and goals, your program will be designed to help you trim stubborn fat off focal areas such as your thighs, hips, buttocks and stomach! This program will provide you with the following:

  • Tailored meal options to trim fat and tone up
  • The best exercises to tone your butt, hips and arms
  • An in-depth 'how to tone' exercise guide with images
  • Short, sharp and easy exercise routines to keep you motivated
  • A detailed abs toning program designed to give you a flat stomach
  • A maintenance guide – What to do AFTER you achieved your new you!

Ladies! If you want to trim body fat, achieve a more fit and toned physique, improve your overall healthy and feel great about your body, my 8 week trim is for you!

Note: Do you require an online exercise and diet tracking with 24/7 email support with your program? if so kindly select my ONLINE coaching program!


“There is so much to say about Paapa. With spring around the corner and not being happy with my body, a friend suggested I sign up to his online program and I am extremely glad I did it!! Paapa is one of the most inspiring people I've dealt with. His knowledge on health and fitness is phenomenal! I found his positive approach to tailoring my program motivating. Whenever I had a question, he was very prompt in answering my queries. With his help, I reached my ideal weight and have maintained it! My partner loves the new toned me! I strongly recommend his service.”

- Rachael