8 Week Shred

Keen to take it up a notch? My 8 week Shred is an INTENSIVE custom program guaranteed to shred fat and build lean muscle whilst boosting your physical prowess! This program will provide you with the following::

  • A customised resistance program TAILORED to your specific requirements
  • A detailed abdominal toning program designed to give you shredded abs
  • Tailored Calorie recommendations to shred fat as well as gain bulk
  • Supplementation advice for effective training and recovery
  • An in-depth 'how to' exercise prescription guide with images
  • A maintenance guide – What to do AFTER you achieved your transformation

With my custom designed program which will be specific to your needs, you will see results!!

Note: Do you require an online exercise and diet tracking with 24/7 email support with your program? if so my ONLINE coaching option is for you!

“When choosing an online trainer, my biggest criteria was finding a coach who looked the part, ALL of the time, this is Paapa. I have followed his Facebook page for a while and he is not one of those trainers who shreds up for a comp, then balloons out a few weeks later. He actually looks shredded ALL the time. Once I assessed his worth, I knew he was the right coach for me. From the get go, Paapa knew exactly how to encourage me, challenge me, push me and keep me motivated. He helped me understand the importance of correct form when it comes to exercising. On top of this all, his diet recommendations and calorie tracking assistance is what made the difference for me. Within a month, it was clear I had lost weight, increased my muscle mass due to this assistance. His program gave me the kick-start I needed! By the end of my program, I did see results, and so did my friends! I would without a doubt recommend Paapa as your online coach.”

- Alex